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Scholarship Available
प्रादेशिक छात्रवृति [Province Scholarship]
  • SLC/SEE सरकारी वा सामुदायिक विद्यालयबाट गरेको गरिब, जेहेन्दार बिद्यार्थीलाई ग्राहयता दिनेछ |
  • SLC/SEE सरकारी वा सामुदायिक विद्यालयबाट गरेकोभए सम्बन्धित विद्यालयको पत्र Upload गर्नुहोला |
  • गरिब, जेहेन्दार बिद्यार्थीको सिफारिश सम्बन्धित प्रदेशको नगरपालिका वा गाउँपालिकाको सिफारिसपत्र Upload गर्नुहोला |
  • आफ्नो नागरिकताको (Citizenship) प्रतिलिपि अनिवार्य Upload गर्नुहोला |
Entrance Exam Score Wise Scholarship
Applicants will get rebate on tuition fee based on the entrance test score.
  • 80% and above - 50% rebate on tuition fee
  • Above 70% and below 80% - 35% rebate on tuition fee
  • Above 60% and below 70% - 15% rebate on tuition fee
Program Wise Scholarship
nec started 25% discount offer in different programs in Entrance 2019 to mark its 25th anniversary. College has continued the offer in Entrance 2021.
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering - 50% discount offer
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering- 25% discount offer
  • Computer Engineering - 15% discount offer
Neighbourhood Scholarship
For Ward No. 1, 2, 3 & 4 of the Changunarayan Municipality and residents of the then Mulpani VDC, nec provides one full scholarship and two partial (50% on tuition fee) scholarships as Neighbourhood Scholarship. Under this scheme one full scholarship and two partial scholarship seats are allotted in different programs for each neighbourhood and the selection of the program will be given on the basis of secured rank in nET-2021.
Merit Scholarship
nec awards one merit scholarship to faculty topper students for every 48 students in each program in a semester. The scholarship covers full waiver of fees (excluding university fees). The topper of the first semester will get the scholarship in the second semester, the topper of the second semester will get this scholarship in the third semester and so on. The topper of the last semester will not get any scholarship as he/she will have graduated before the announcement of the result of the last semester. The decision for the award of merit scholarship is made after the final verification of the results
Other Scholarships
  • Shree Aashis Smriti scholarship instituted by Aashis Smriti Foundation: Rs. 2,500/- in tuition fee awarded to one deserving student in Civil Engineering.
  • Shree P. K. Mainalee scholarship instituted by Ar. Padma Kumar Mainalee, an alumni of nec: Rs. 500/- per month to one deserving student in Architecture.
  • Shree WAMDEO scholarship instituted by Prof. S. V. Sahashrabudhe from Pune, India: Rs. 1,800/- per year to one deserving student in Architecture.